Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Yes, I'm at it again.

The bar that I used to work in has been re-opened and I have been re-hired.

Sort of.

I walked out last July due to rubber paychecks and a boss with a habit. Among other things. Not long after I left, the bar and restaurant was shut down due to non-payment of state sales tax and the owner disappeared. In February or March it was purchased by some member of the community and renovated. The mice were eliminated and they cleaned the hell out of the place and opened in early May. I spoke with the bar manager (who was the manager when I worked there before) and offered to be "on-call." He gladly accepted and I worked my first real shift today. It felt good to be there. I saw a lot of regulars that I've missed and loved the feeling of the rediscovering of mixology.

Yummy margaritas!

I will work there very irregularly until I go back to school. Although school is looking a little farther away. I will probably go back when the class I started with are seniors. I miss those ladies...


ryan said...

And we miss you, Sweet Mama.

Niki said...

We miss you too :(. Glad to see you've updated your blog though :).