Friday, April 27, 2007


I haven't been updating...too many things on my mind. Look out, I feel a long one coming on.

I should begin by saying that my daughter had a wonderful time during her spring break and made it home safely to the loving arms of her family. She had great stories to tell and bought us all gifts with the money that was given to her (thanks, Bree. i heart u). She was very thoughtful and seemed so much more grown up when she came home. She seemed to have more confidence and this warm glow that really made me realize that she is actually growing up (thanks again, Bree. i double heart u). It seems like yesterday that she was a tiny baby, helpless and so needy. She smelled so good. I read a great book recently (called Moon Women--ladies should read it!), and a character in it claims that her absolute favorite smell is a newborn baby's head. I'd say i have to agree with that. There's really nothing quite like it.

All of my children are amazing me lately.

Zack has been officially enrolled at Job Core for four weeks and seems to be doing well. When we visited him last weekend he was happy and adjusting well. I think he's getting just enough freedom to whet his appetite, but with just enough structure that he has to hold himself accountable. This just may be the thing that turns him around. Kisses, Zack, I love you so much!

My baby baby is also growing up very quickly. He's so helpful and fresh every day. It seems like he's always optimistic and wants to help in any way he can. And he's so handsome. I trimed his mowhawk and bleached his hair, so his beautiful eyes are really standing out. Oh my.

I, myself am very torn.

On one hand, I'm missing school. I read semi-regular posts from the ladies of the class I just left and am missing them and the program quite a lot. I know midwifery is my path and I will be a midwife some day, but it seems like there are a lot of obstacles to my success. The latest thing is home-buying. If I go back to school in January, which is the plan now, then we'll have to put off buying a house until I'm finished with school and am employed. If I put school off even just one more year and work, we could buy a house now.

The housing market is so unstable around here. Four years ago, a person could buy a three bedroom house for $130k...$1000--1100 per month mortgage including taxes and insurance. Now, that same house goes for $230--250k with a $1500--1600 per month mortgage. We actually have friends that bought their house three years ago and are selling it for $100k more now. But I've heard that the market is supposed to be coming down, which would make sense because the average Joe arouns here doesn't make enough money to be buying houses at those prices. However, I've been hearing this for a while but am still waiting to see results.

So, the $64,000 question is: do we put off my education for another year and buy a house now, which may result in us making money off of the house later or losing money altogether; or do we go ahead and pursue my education now and buy a house later, which may cost us less money, or the housing prices could skyrocket again and we'd be paying $400k for the same house as described above?


I can't decide which is more important. Any advice?

Did I mention that my husband is wonderful?
Well, he is.

Here is some of my photography for you to enjoy.

Waves, Ballard Lochs, Fall 2005

Times Square, New York, Fall 2005

Snag at the Donner Settlement, Truckee, California, Spring 2005

Sears Tower, Chicago, Summer 2006

Reflection, Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Spring 2006

Dead Tree in Northeastern California, Spring 2006

Madrona Trees, Orcas Island, Summer 2004

Child's Footprint in the Sand, Rialto Beach, WA Summer 2005

Black and white tulips, Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Spring 2006

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