Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why I Blog...

Now that I've read a few other blogs in which someone has been "tagged," I have a better understanding of this high-tech game so like a physical game I loved as a child. So here is my attempt at being "it."

As I sit here in this semi-uncomfortable, squeaky chair in my living room, drinking coffee and trying to block out the background noise of "Bob the Builder" and my grumpy nephew, I ask myself,

"Why do I blog? I don't know that I am a particularly good writer, or that I really have much to say that is interesting to other people." I'm not very consistent with it--sometimes I go almost a month without posting; and sometimes I have two or three in a day.

The first time I ever heard anything about a "blog," it was in regards to Rosie O'Donnell. She had said something on her blog that people found offensive, and I remember thinking, "What the Hell is a blog?" I wish I could remember how long ago this was.

The point is, I didn't know what a blog was for quite some time after I first heard the term.

Then I found myspace.

Around that time someone told me that "blog" is simply a shortened way of saying "web log," which is an online journal of sorts. And so I wrote my first blog on my myspace page, which you can read if you wish at
Some of it is interesting; some of it would only make sense to someone who thinks the way I do. A lot of it is just plain silly.

Then I met Louisa and Niki. They are two of the blogginist people I've ever met. Except, of course, for my niece, who is constantly posting her poetry on her myspace blog. She's really quite good. If you're interested, e-mail me and I'll link you to her poetry.

Anyway, I finally asked Louisa how to create a blog, and >woohoo< she told me how (although she still hasn't linked me, heeheheheee). I decided to use my blog to chronicle my journey into the midwifery profession, which should, in theory, be pretty hefty. Lots of rants, and maybe a story about what has drawn me to this world of natural childbirth and women's health. Well, I began the story, and posted three times about it, but kind of left it off to pursue more pressing issues such as my depression, the death of my beloved Golden Lab and the subsequent meeting of our newest family member, Ruby, who is Yellow Lab, Pointer, and Greyhound. Of course, there are other things as well, and things that I haven't even touched yet. I contain a lot of unsaid frustration. There are things brewing inside me that I am too chicken to utter out loud...or even write in a blog.

Because the wrong person might hear it or read it.

I'm chickenshit.


I also want to use my blog to share my photography. I am actually quite proud of some of the pictures I've taken, and even done a few shows here in my quaint little hometown next to the sea. I've traveled a lot and been in some awesome places where the photo ops are endless. My husband is actually wanting to finally buy me that $800-1400 digital camera because he knows it would cut down on the film and developing costs. I would imagine I average four or five rolls of film a month. Figure about $4 for the roll of film, and $10 for developing...14 x 5 = 70. That's $70 per month; 70 x 12 = 840. That's $840 a year, over the ten years that I've been taking pictures, equalling about $8,400 that I've spent on film and developing.

The funny thing is, I've just recently learned to properly use my camera.

I guess in many ways I am still figuring out why it is that I blog, and whether or not I am going to be consistent with it. I'm pretty self-concious and needy at times, and I always feel the need to know that people are reading what I am writing...I wish there was a way to see how many people read my blog, but I don't know how that works, or even if it's possible to do it. Then again, it's nice to have this space where I can write down what's on my mind, even if no one's listening.

I would also like to figure out how to "search" for other, like-minded bloggers. Anyone wanna help me on that one?

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Niki said...

To tell who is reading your blog: (it's free).

I usually find interesting people by following the links on other people's blogs.

Keep writing, Aimee :)