Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eye Candy?

Here are some of my photos for your viewing pleasure. They are all from 35mm film. When I had the film developed I had the developy-type people put all the images on a CD for me so that I could upload them easily to e-mails and blogs and such without having to scan them all in. They look pretty grainy to me in digital format, but I'm hoping that they won't be so grainy when I upload them. I wasn't able to label them each individually, so I will have to label them from top to bottom in a list right here:

(1) Silhouetted Twins
(2) Stealth Mallard
(3) Hubby, Daughter, and Doggie on the Dock at Dusk
(4) Light Through Fingers
(5) Lily Pad Reflection
(6) Padden Creek
(7) As The Sun Sets

Let me know what you think.

By the way, I'm aware of the convenience of digital cameras, but I still prefer 35mm prints so I am having an internal battle. I already have so many cameras that Hubby will probably have a fit if I get another, so for now I am sticking with my super-old Canon digi and my 35mm cameras (I have two that function and three more that need work done on them...anyone wanna buy one for a project?!). All of these photos were taken with my 35mm Nikon. Gawd I love that camera...thanks daddy!