Monday, May 21, 2007

Float Down

My husband's band, Good Monkey, plays a song called "Float Down." The chorus says,

"Break through clean air into a kiss with you my dear oh yes."

I love that song. Really, you should go see the video for Float Down on youtube.

My husband is the small dark one wearing green, sometimes black, sometimes a hideous multi-colored blazer, playing guitar. At the end, he's the one rolling down the hill while he shreds on his guitar. Yum. After nine years, he still the sexiest thing since, well, peanut butter.


Oh, here, have this shot of him also. This was taken about two years ago at a show in which Blake Lewis, now of American Idol fame played also. I can't remember who opened for who.

And here's a shot of Blake from that same show. Both photos taken by me.

I don't know why the two photos are different sizes. I'm not as high tech as I'd like to think, I guess. Anyway, I don't watch a lot of television, but I saw Blake audition for AI back in February and have been watching ever since. I'm not close personal friends with him or anything, but we have mutual friends, and it's pretty exciting to see someone from the Pacific Northwest actively working his dream! GO BLAKE! He's in the finals! There are only two of them left, until Wednesday....

Since we're having fun with photos, here's a fun shot of one of my BFFs, Patricia, Saturday night at a Good Monkey show. Her soon-to-be husband is the drummer/lead singer of Good Monkey.

Yeah, she's a drrrrrrrrrrty grrl. She also was the lead singer in my former band, Juicebox. Oh, what the Hell, with all the life-story crap, why not do some fun stuff; here's a shot of Patz and myself:

And here's our band when we were still a band. This is Juicebox:

R-L: Patricia (vocals, keyboards), Aimee (bass, vocals), Erin (guitar, vocals), Iris (drums)

We aren't a band anymore, but it was fun while it lasted. Iris is going to have a baby in September! I'm very excited that I get to be there as a doula. I'm sure I'll be posting a birth story (with their permission) and photos when it happens. Stay tuned.

Well, that was fun. I'll go back to the doom and gloom of my never-ending story soon...

Hasta luego, paz y amor por todo.


addie said...

Dude, that video totally ROCKS! I had no idea that Good Monkey actually made a video. I DID already know that James could shred guitar while rolling around on the ground. :)

Aimee said...

yes, they have another video as well, but you have to go to to see it because i don't think it's hosted on youtube.
yes, james can do almost anything while rolling around on the ground.

Sage Femme said...

sahweet! what hotties!