Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Vent: a fissure in the earth's crust (or in the surface of some other planet) through which molten lava and gases erupt

Does it count as a "rant" when it involves one's spouse?

Cinco de mayo is this Saturday; the biggest celebration of Mexican Independence this side of the Mexican border.


They don't celebrate cinco de mayo in Mexico.

However, this is one of our favorite "holidays" as it is the greatest opportunity to eat some of our favorite foods, drink light, yellow, fizzy beer and good tequila. It is a tradition here at Casa de los Locos. We have a gathering almost every year; last year there were close to 40 people in and out of our small home.

We made last minute plans about a month ago regarding this year's fiesta and began calling people to invite them over. I think there are approximately 15 people invited, not including children.

Twist #1: I have been searching for work to supplement our family income to no avail, and I have been asked to cover four shifts this week at a restaurant I worked for briefly last fall. One of them is on Saturday, scheduled from 10am to 8pm, likely to get out around 6 or before. Our housemate (living downstairs in the daylight basement apartment), a.k.a. partner in crime, also works that day (it's actually the restaurant that she manages that I am working for that day), scheduled to be home around 2:30. This leaves much of the preparation on hubby's shoulders, which previously he agreed to.

Twist #2: Two of our children have soccer games that day. Luckily, they are both in the morning, and will be done by 11:30.

Frustration: Hubby's parents returned this past weekend from a 6-month long vacation and evidently, hubby made plans with them to go to their house for lunch on Saturday.

Problem: Hubby's parents live 25-30 minutes north of where we live, adding an hour on to this lunch date. Add another hour and a half for lunch and catching up, hubby isn't getting home until 2pm, giving him only an hour or so to prepare for the arrival of guests.

I have offered solutions to this dilemma, such as going to lunch on Thursday, Friday, or Sunday; going to dinner on Thursday, etcetera. However, hubby is hell-bent on having lunch with them on Saturday, the most inconvenient day he couls possibly plan for.

Possible outcome #1: Hubby has parents meet him at a park in town for said lunch date and is home by 1 or so and everything goes smoothly (although I really doubt that he will pay close attention to time and still not get home until 2 at the earliest).

Possible outcome #2: Hubby decides that I am right (because I am, right? LOL) and makes other plans to hang out with the units.

Possible outcome #3: Hubby decides that he is too pissed off and inconvenienced to alter his plans with the units and tell us to go to hell, causing us to call off our celebration. This is the worst possible outcome. It is unacceptable to me and we may end up in divorce court (kidding), but to call off a gathering that we planned at least a month ago in lieu of afterthought plans he made with his parental units may send me off the deep end and he may be sleeping on the couch until he makes it up to me. Let's see...a two week vacation in Mexico seems appropriate.

Thoughts, anyone? Am I irrational? I do have tendencies toward irrational...

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