Monday, May 7, 2007


I am so excited about this project that I've been working on. It's for a friend, but it's a surprise for her, so I'm not naming any names. It's an afghan, and will be four rows wider than it is now when it's finished. I got inspired to post this pic when I visited the Big Round Room that is Janet's Yurt and saw her post about a knitted project she is working on. So, here it is. I'm very excited.

And, if no one has anything to say about it, I think I'm going with

Shuksan Doula Services

Shuksan means "roaring mountain" in the Native Skagit tongue, and is also my youngest son's middle name. I love it.


Niki said...

Awesome! Both the knitting and the business name!

addie said...

Shuksan Doula Services is great! But will Meadow feel left out? I know my brother and I would have fought like demons over something like that... Of course, your children are extrememly well behaved & probably never fight. :)

knitbot said...

Atta Girl! Big Project!

Once again, love the name.

Aimee said...

yeah, you know damn well that my kids NEVER fight!

james' reaction was "shuksan bliss?" and he didn't even remember for a moment that "shuksan" is jeremyah's middle name and "bliss" is meadow's middle name!