Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Holy Breastfeeding

Today I received a myspace friend request from a lady who runs a "Holistic Pregnancy Retreat" in Southern Spain called "Da A Luz." I accepted the request and got very excited at the prospect of having a purpose for going to Spain other than the regular tourism and being a Gaudi architechture whore. Then I began looking through this person's "friends" and found a woman with the above picture on her page. I took one look at it and said, "Holy breastfeeding! That looks like the Virgin Mary breastfeeding Baby Jesus!"


I wonder how much certain right-wing Christians would squirm upon looking at this lovely piece of art.

Yes, boys and girls, that's Holy Mary's breast, nourishing her child, just like God intended.

But who is God? If someone can introduce us, I would be honored.


Ericson said...

I love this picture! You'd think in this day and age people could deal with seeing a little boob. I never had an outright negative experience breastfeeding in public, but just the thought that I might was enough to make me a little apprehensive.

clara said...

That's one cool thing about Catholics, tons of nursing paintings in church and there's a crunchy thread of people running through the culture. Attachment parenting, extended nursing and homebirth are not uncommon among Catholics.

clara said...

I love your blog by the way.:)