Tuesday, May 1, 2007

This is what Ruby decided to do to my bed while I was at the laundromat enduring judgment from another laundromatron for having too much laundry and (using all the damn washers and all the damn dryers).

James and I had this nice squooshy foam pad on our extra firm mattress, but not any more. Apparently Ruby didn't approve of our comfort and chose to shred it into pieces.

The upside: I've been wanting to upgrade it.

The downside: I had to punish my dog. She's so sensitive, too. As soon as she saw me walking back toward the bedroom, she began cowering and shaking. I think she was abused by the guy that had her before the Alternative Humane Society. Well, I know she was mistreated, but I don't know if he beat her or anything. I spanked her for the first time today. Just a swat on the butt while showing her the foamy pieces and telling her, "NO!" Then she crammed herself under the bed and hid there until I called her out (it took a few times) and then I loved on her. I felt really bad for punishing her, but she's been chewing on things lately, other than her chewing toys, and it's got to stop.

In other sad news today, I read in the local news paper that a lady who was a good friend many years ago has disappeared with two guys out on the bay. Apparently they were partying on Saturday night and decided to take a canoe out late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Canoeing on the bay is insane anytime, not just at night after partying. Of course, I'm assuming that they were partying, because that's what she loved to do.

This is actually the third person that I've known who has disappeared on the bay under very similar circumstances. The other two disappeared about 10 years ago (maybe it's been 12) after stealing a little rowboat and going out for a late night partying excursion.

May they all rest in peace.

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