Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pacific Doula Services

Whaddya think of that one?


knitbot said...

Local is good but Pacific is a little overused, though of course is does mean Peace, which is nice. That leaves us with Whatcom, Bellingham, Kulshan, Cascade, Northwest, all already used.... Wow, this is hard.

Yeah, Birthworm is gross. Like imagery from Alien.

Aimee said...

where did you see cascade doula services used? i googled it and didn't see it used. i was also thinking maybe

shuksan doula services

this is very difficult indeed!

knitbot said...

I didn't mean that it had ACTUALLY been used for a doula service, but used a lot in general. I think Shuksan is the perfect answer, personally. I hardly ever see it used in a business name. Sweet!