Thursday, July 19, 2007

Babysitting and Birds & Bees

I've been babysitting two gorgeous little girls for the last month and a half or so. They're 2 and 4 year old sisters, kids of a couple of friends of mine. Every Monday, Thursday and Friday they show up here with smiles on their faces and hang out for four hours. It's fun. Last week we did finger painting, which turned into feet painting and a trip to the bathtub. Today I think we're going to make collages. I have a whole bunch of old National Geographic and Rolling Stone magazines. I wanted to collect them but hubby is getting irritated with the boxes of magazines and wants them gone. So I figured a good way to do it would be to make collages!

My almost-11-year-old daughter has entered the second Tanner stage. My mom and I had an arguement about menarche last weekend when we were visiting. She was trying to convince me that menarche would occur within six months now that thelarche is evident, but I tried to gently explain to her that there generally was a 1--3 year interim between the two and it wasn't likely that we would see menarche for another year at least.

So she decided to bet me that menarche would occur before this coming January. She's going to lose $50 and then hubby and I will go out to dinner!


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