Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Raven Weirdness

Anyone traveling along the south end of Lake Washington on Highway 522 this past Saturday got a weird treat. About 10,000 crows/ravens were swarming and hanging out. It seriously looked like a scene from the Hitchcock classic "The Birds." For about a block and a half all we could see were black birds. We were sitting at a red light when I realized we had our camera and I took this small bit of footage. Hopefully you can see it--it really doesn't show the true scale of what we saw. Everywhere we looked, all the rooftops and any open ground was covered in crows and the sky was alive with black birds. I'm not sure they were all crows or ravens or a mix of both, but it was maniacal!

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Ericson said...

I've seen them do this a couple of times in Seattle. It's very creepy. We actually met some folks who feed them regularly on their property, and they've had as many as 50,000 gather there.