Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Summer

Well, it's been a very busy spring and summer! Here are some highlights...

Jeremyah and James having lunch at the Village Green

Jeremyah and Meadow with our friend Alloquois in Portland

James playing guitar
Hank chillin in the hot pink
Ella twirling in her fancy skirt

Meadow and Ella being fancy girls


Jeremyah Hendrix

She's fashionably lean...and she's fashionably late...

My family walking down a Portland street

The teeter totter at Kenton Park

Ice cream at Cool Moon in Portland

The boys riding the Max

An owl at the Portland zoo

Calliope gets a ride from her papa at the Portland zoo

Kisses from my Meadow

Portland's Chinatown, home of Hung Far Low

The BEST Thai food I've ever had...Typhoon in Portland

After dinner...and drinks!

Heading home, nice and toasted!

Gene loves Emily



Best friends! Fourth of July in St. Helens, OR.

Pooped Ruby.

Me and my Boo.

Tha girls.


Natasha (my niece), Meadow, Jaden (my nephew), Jeremyah, Kenyon (my nephew), Tyson (my nephew), and Latrissa (my niece) at the water slides.

My brother, Brett on a sucide mission...

My brother, Clay on a suicide mission

Pooped kids!

James at the PSE company picnic at Lake Tapps east of Tacoma

Jeremyah mid-air hopping to the velcro

Father and son battle!
Grumpy ice cream girl

Martinis and a cigar after a long day

Discovery Park

Fisherman's Terminal

Anyone know what kind of flower this is?

I've been much too busy to write any kind of substantial blog. I promise more will come...

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