Monday, August 13, 2007

Upcoming Births

My friend and client is gearing up for labor very near labor day! She's 37 weeks now (if you go by the ultrasound-generated due date; 36 weeks going by dates calculation. I just realized this morning that I will be on vacation right around her due date and am making plans in case I have to make a quick trip home. I've decided that if there are changes in her cervix between now and when I'm supposed to leave then I'm going to stay behind while my family goes camping with some friends. In the event of labor coming on suddenly, I will plan to be ready to leave right away at any given moment to make the 4.5 hour trip back to town, hoping that this first-baby will be a longer labor. Of course, she's pretty in tune with her body and I think she'll know when she is in pre-labor. Any suggestions from midwives and doulas?

I went to see a couple of friends at their recently-opened Italian deli on Saturday and discovered that they are pregnant as well! In fact, they are in the same birth class as my current clients. Yeah, I cried when I realized that they're going to have a baby this October. I think it was a combination of PMS and seeing my friend all grown up. He said for a long time that he didn't want any babies, but seeing his wife and him at work together in their deli made it an emotional moment for me. This is a guy who I'd never have thought would fulfill his dream of opening an honest-to-goodness deli (friends on the east coast, you can feel where I'm coming from with that) and have a baby. When I get permission from them, I'll post a pic I took of them in their beautiful deli.

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