Friday, September 14, 2007

From Louisa to Me to You!!

The following quoted text is from Louisa, a student midwife for whom I have copious amounts of respect. She is talking about the woman in the picture, Tiffany, another student midwife for whom I have copious amounts of respect. Please, if you have any extra change laying around, donate what you can to help keep this amazing woman in midwifery school. She really IS a woman that you would want there for you throughout your pregnancy and when you are in labor and giving birth. She deserves this education. Pass this message on. E-mail it, post it, myspace bulletin it!

"Meet Tiffany. She's one of my classmates. She's amazing. Tiffany is many things; smart, smart single mother of a lovely 7 y/o, part owner of a small business, massage therapist, reiki practitioner with a masters degree. She will one day be an awesome midwife, and will join the ranks of the few Certified Professional Midwifes currently practicing in Nevada, a state where non-nurse midwifery remains alegal.

"She is 100% my kind of midwife.Tiffany is in desperate need of some financial assistance to help her manage the tuition costs at the Seattle Midwifery School. For the past year she has managed all of her many jobs, as well as the 40+ hrs a week of study which our midwifery program requires and the monthly commute to Seattle from her home in Reno, and the lack of income that time away from her work requires also. She also recently added practicum responsibilities as we accumulate the hands on apprenticeship component of our education. Scholarships for midwifery education (as many of you well know!) are few and far between. Financing this journey is challenging at best, but it would be a travesty if she were to lose this opportunity just because of stupid money, or lack thereof!

"So, If you feel like opening your heart to a wonderful woman who is working harder than I think I've ever seen one human work to make this calling of hers (ours) a reality, I encourage you to join me in contributing financially to her cause. Any amount, no matter how small will go directly to her tuition bill and I will personally ensure that any and all contributions make it there smartly. If you are lucky enough to live in her vicinity, I wouldn't mind betting that in a couple of years you'll have a fine midwife standing by to catch your baby in return for your kindness!If you are interested in helping, and/or would like more information about Tiffany, please shoot me an e-mail mlwaleshall at gmail dot com and I'll give you all the information you need to help one of Reno's finest student midwives!

"There is a world of excellent karma waiting for you :)


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