Sunday, September 16, 2007

Patience and Anticipation

I am patiently anticipating the birth of a new baby. Or maybe I'm impatiently anticipating an upcoming birth. She is currently six days overdue and doesn't seem to be anywhere near labor! A cervical check at her midwife appointment last week revealed a very thin and two centimeters dilated cervix. And she's been having on and off cramps for a few weeks now. When I spoke with her this afternoon she said that she's been walking a lot every day and will begin other methods of self-induction tonight!

Last Friday night (the 7th) as I was in a that lucid-dreaming state I dreamed that the phone rang and it was my client's number on the caller ID. After that dream I felt sure that she would have her baby within 24 hours. However, she and I were dancing together the next evening at a wedding. And now, a week later, still no baby! Oh, the waiting!

Yes, I know, get used to it. I've been doulaing long enough to know that birth is unpredictable and on its very own schedule. But right now I'm still waiting in anticipation!

In the next few days I will post a story and some photos from my vacation at the end of last month. That will keep me busy for a little while.


Ericson said...

I'm sure the mother to be is more impatient than you!

addie said...

She wasn't at Ladies Poker Night last night... which made us all wonder if the big event was finally underway. Any news? :)