Thursday, October 11, 2007

This and That

I'm having a lot of feelings today and I need to get them out.

First, something funny.

My dog, Ruby.

For a long time she's had this habit of stealing stuffed animals from various places around the house and cuddling with them. She doesn't chew them up, she doesn't pee on them--she just moves them and licks them or cuddles them. Usually she does this when she's home alone.

So I've had this cute little scrubby bath-tub pig friend for a couple of years. I bought it to give to a friend who got married in October of 2005 because they love pigs. They call them "pink pork" because of a family member from Cuba who didn't know the word "pig" for a long time. I never got around to sending it because I'm a procrastinator and life always seems to get in the way.

A few weeks ago I noticed that Ruby had discovered Pink Pork in his hiding place and moved him onto my bed. I didn't scold Ruby because she's not doing anything bad and really it's pretty cute. So, I moved Pink Pork onto my dresser, which I thought was high enough that Ruby couldn't get to him, and I thought I would still send it or at least give it to another friend. Then I left for a while and came home to discover Pink Pork on the living room floor. I thought it was strange and put him back on my dresser. The next time I noticed Pink Pork in a place other than where I was sure I left him, I assumed my kids had gotten to him and were playing with him. I asked them both and they hadn't been playing with him so I wondered if I just thought I had put Pink Pork on the dresser.

So today I conducted a test. Before I left this morning to go have coffee with my dad, I made sure Pink Pork was on the dresser. Hubby had already left for work and kidlets were on the bus to school. When I came home about two hours later, Pink Pork was no longer on the dresser. He was on my bed, happy as a, well, pig! Obviously Ruby is enamoured with Pink Pork. The thing is, how did she manage to get him off of my dresser without knocking over any of the various things made of glass that are in front of the place where I put little Porky? I wish I had one of those video baby monitors so I could see how she does it.

I gave Pink Pork to Ruby. It's clear to me now that they belong together.

I think I'll save the other stuff for another post. I'm still working on slowing my brain down to pluck out a few thoughts.

Hasta luego, que les vayan bien.

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