Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Eight Days In

My son, Zackary James, has been home from treatment for eight days. The first few days were difficult at best.

He had some very distinct ideas about what he was expecting and was very upset when things were cast in a different light. He spent a couple of days with my dad last week doing work on the ranch. His friend came and spent the night Friday night, went to visit another friend on Sunday and then we made a schedule of expectations and a timeline for them. I bought him a GED book and let him know that I did, indeed expect him to study it.

That pissed him off.

However, after the initial few days worth of fighting multiple times a day, we've come to a place where we understand each other and what we expect. My son has grown leaps and bounds and continues to amaze me with his level of maturity (it's 10-fold what it was when I dropped him off at the center on November 27).

I am so proud that he came from my body.

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Niki said...

Crossing my fingers for you guys...I hope your relationship and family life continue to smooth out.