Saturday, March 1, 2008


I've been tagged again (Thanks, Morag!) and this time the subject is in the form of a Memo to My 15-Year-Old Self.

Let's begin.

First, let's talk about the addictions brewing.

Junk food is not good for you. It's rotting your teeth and making you gain weight. You get one set of permanent teeth and if you keep eating so much sugar, especially with your teeth-brushing habits, you're going to lose some teeth. And it's so much easier to start out maintaining your figure instead of trying to go back and lose a whole bunch of weight. It's a strong addiction, but if you just stop for a few days it'll be easier to manage...I promise.

Why did you start smoking? Remember when you begged your dad to stop smoking just a few years ago. He did it. Why did you start? You're going to have your ups and downs with it but just remember that you always have a choice.

You don't know it yet, but you're going to be a mom in about a year. Be good to that boy-child. His dad's not going to be around--get used to it now. Even when he's older, his dad's going to be MIA. And when that baby is taken away from you and subsequently adopted by your aunt and uncle, try to do a good job of visiting him. Just because he's not legally your son anymore doesn't mean he doesn't know you. It's in his DNA and he's going to need you.

Stop sneaking out of the damn house to hang out with a bunch of stupid guys that don't really give a shit about you! In 15 years, when you see them on the street, they're not even going to remember you! And stop being such a bitch to your mom. She's tired, she works all the time and she deserves to go out when she feels like it. She's had a difficult life. Let her have some peace!

Lastly, you effing rock. You have cool hair, cool t-shirts (that your mom bought for you!) and a whole mess of awesome heavy metal cassettes. You are the epitome of the late eighties. And you're gorgeous--too bad for the stupid boys who don't notice.

Be good to yourself, girl. It all goes so fast.

I tag Addie, Iris, and Saralee.


Morag said...

Holy shit. Iron Maiden?
You were cool.
Xx L

Misplaced Musings said...

I love this! I could have used one of those letters myself.