Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I found an old movie on my computer that I made...just a series of photographs all about my dad. It was fun watching it again. Here are a few of the pictures I included:

This pic is me standing on the shore of Silver Lake with my dad and my brother behind me. I must have been four or five so that would be 1978 or 1979.

This is my dad and me on one of the passes on Highway 20 in 1979 or 1980.

Dad and me in 1975

Dad and Jeremyah in 2000

This is my sister and me, taken about five (or more) years ago.

We had a little get together at our house for the kickoff of the regular football season. Here are Cecily, Griffin, and Jaden eating hotdogs on the front porch

Molly took this beautiful shot of Griffin looking through the cross bars of a chair

There's most of the party crew. My brother is standing behind me and my (other) friend Kim wasn't there yet. I found out that she is pregnant and I'm so excited! They (Kim and Brett) are going to be such awesome parents.

Meanwhile, Jeremyah is playing tackle football and is having fun. His team got stomped in the first two games they played (30-something to zero), and after the second game he held my hand and said, mom, that was, like, 3,000 percent fun! I was so proud.

Here are James and his parents watching Jeremyah play in his first game.

You can kind of see him in the middle of the picture, white jersey, yellow facemask.

Jaden was having so much fun climbing on his Uncle James!

My fifth grader and my sixth grader on the first day of school

My employers decided to take all of the office staff and team leaders on a Leadership Retreat. We went to Sun Mountain Lodge just outside of Winthrop. It was absolutely amazing. We still did work stuff, but it was a lot of fun and we built bridges within the team. I definitely feel closer to them than I did before. It even helped to ease some tension between me and another person there. It was healing.

This is the view from the end of the dock at the lake on the Ranch. The cabin just off the left side of the end of the dock is the one I stayed in.

The view to the lake from the front porch of the cabin. Two of my co-workers (one of them my cousin!) are doing yoga at the end of the dock.

On the way there we had to take pictures representing each of the words from the acronym, CASTLE: Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love, and Effectiveness. This is my team. We traveled over the mountains together and had fun along the way. This is just a fun picture of us with Crater Mountain in the background.

Me and the boss lady on horseback, making our way to the Cowboy Dinner at the ranch.

It was fukkin dusty!! I was pulling dirt boogers out of my nose for days! Weeks, even! I swear!

A view from the top of my mount. I for get her name. She was awesome, though. Oh, it was Christa.

Our cabin. I stayed in here with two of my teammates and a few other friends. My cousin was the only guy among 15 people. He handled it well. Especially considering the fact that he had to stay in the party cabin with me and four other ladies! He's not exactly a partier. But he likes to have fun and laughed at most of our antics.

So, things are good at work. I have two births coming up--one very soon and one in early to mid December. I'm excited about that. James and I are wonderful--coming on 11 years this February (holy shit!); the (younger) kids are great; and the older kid may just be on a path that could take him somewhere positive.

His story is not one I can tell right now.
Maybe next time...

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