Sunday, August 19, 2007

Love and Marriage

Yesterday I was priveleged to be the matron of honor and witness to the marriage of two good friends. The bride has been a close friend for more than seven years and I have known the groom for about ten. She was the singer in the band I played bass for, Juicebox, and has been close with my husband for nearly 15 years. The groom is the drummer and singer for my husband's band.
I took on the task of putting together the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages. Here I am at 10:30 Friday night preparing for a 10:30 Saturday morning ceremony.

The finished product:

The bride with her hair done:

Ready to walk down the aisle:

Groomsmen and best boys (my husband and son in the middle):

The groom (red shirt, white tie) watching his bride approach. The officiant is the also the bride's father.

The bride and groom coming down the aisle.

Just married. Patrick and Patricia!

A kiss before the cake.

The bride vamping with the cake.

They love it, ladies and gentlemen!

The newlywed channeling her inner Betty Page.

The two best Emilys that ever lived. (Sorry Ms. Dickinson).

My camouflaged shining green jewel of an almost-11-year-old daughter.

Playing on the river's edge.

A family's love is the greatest bond. Keith, Karin and Chloe (their son Lucas was too busy coloring and saving the world to be in this photo).

Cake smashers!

Lovebirds! Brett and Kim, together since the beginning of time!

Love my ladies! Gretchen, Kim, Jaime, Patricia, me, Deb.

You're not going to try and look up my skirt are you? Again?

No love like a mother's love.

My nephew, Jaden. Emily is his mom. Can you tell which one?

My radiant friends are so wonderful! Iris and Addie.

I've known the guy in orange for 19 years. His mom took me in as a runaway when I was 14. The other guy is my tattoo artist, doula client (his wife is in the last picture) and friend of 15 years. Izak and Solly.

Hot Carl riding the high hat.

"That is the funniest thing I've ever heard!"

My husband's boss and good friend, Jeff, his wife, Kim (in glasses), and our very dear friend, Melanie. Her third baby was my first time as a doula. Kisses to you, Mel. I love you!

Patricia: one part beauty queen, one part wife, ALL WOMAN!!

Keith and Chloe having some downtime.

Hot Carl on drums, Matt the Incredible Funkmeister on bass, The Hottest Husband on the Block on guitar and my son, the next winner of the Air Guitar World Championship.

Friends all around!

Random shot of the property where the reception was held, owned by good friends. Thanks Erin and Jer!

Love in the setting sun...

What a great party that was. Just so's y'all can see what it looks like, I'll post a pic or two of me in my weddin' getup. I truly love you guys, Patrick and Patricia. Thanks for an opportunity to lavish upon you all the love and gratitude I feel for you. May your lives continue to be rich with love and light with happiness.


Niki said...

Congratulations to the newlyweds!!! Looks like it was a great wedding :).

clara said...

Wow! It really looked like a great party! The best kind of wedding is a party. What a gorgeous bride too!

Housefairy said...

Coolest wedding dress I EVER saw.

Sunshine said...

You have been tagged! Go to my blog to read the rules...

Dark Daughta said...

Holy! Thanks for the window in on your world. It felt voyeuristic. I don't know people who look like that who have gatherings like that. Thanks for sharing.

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